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ok, there was no senior party. would have been cool if there was. but, geez, it has been senior session fest as of late…and i LOVE it SO much. so much. four beauties from this last week… lizzy… megan… mira… and kim…

senior party

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back to eastern market for another session…can you tell this is my new favorite location? according to some of the passersby during our session, we have the next vogue cover model on our hands. i must agree if i say so myself!

urban senior

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more senior stuff! first up, a fabulous senior that i had the pleasure of hanging out with the other day. this talented girl plays the guitar like a rock star, figure skates like someone famous (can’t think of any names at the moment), and plays in dirty puddles for her photographer. she rocks. next, if […]


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seniors…it’s not too late to schedule your senior session! and have i got a sweet deal for you… contact me now to get your session scheduled by may 31st and you will receive $50 off your session fee, 50 free 411 cards, and a free mini album with images from your session. oh, and the […]

calling all 2009 seniors!

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i know, this senior is ridiculously beautiful. let’s just leave it at that. she plays soccer AND hockey!!! i love it!


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hmmmm…my title was actually referring to more senior pics and a wedding, but as it seems the love part will work for both… remember these two seniors from my last post? well, i showed up to r’s session and he informs me that my next session after him was with his girlfriend of two years! […]

seniors and love

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yes…i love seniors…it’s no secret. this senior was up for anything…even tromping through weeds taller than her in bare feet and enveloping darkness…thanks for the fun night! ok…i need some opinions…for my next dark and moody pictures…do you prefer warm or cool?

need your opinion…

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all right, my daily posts are winding down….which means there are just a few more days until the end of the month…AND…my urban sessions this weekend. all emails have been sent out with the final details of the sessions. don’t hesitate to call or email me with any last minute questions! i have ONE LAST […]

daily post 13

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i am back in town and swimming through all of my “to dos.” my photography convention in las vegas was absolutely FABULOUS and i am so excited to share some images! i haven’t had time to upload them yet, but i do have one to share. more will follow. these are my roomies and good […]

back in town

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seriously, what else can i say. she is beautiful…and completely sweet…and totally fun…AND willing to hang out with me in the freezing cold! i love seniors.


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