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Once upon a time I started a photography business and tried to do everything myself. I was around two years into my business and I was barely surviving. My life could be summed up by extremely long work hours, not enough sleep, no exercise and poor eating habits, zero control of my schedule, not feeling […]

8 companies my business can’t live without

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New year, new things! I recently sent an email about the 5 things I did to drastically change my business. The outsourcing portion caught the eye of many people and I received several emails and messages asking if I could share a list of all the things I’ve outsourced. I GOTCHOO my friends. First and […]

Outsource, outsource, outsource

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I am excited to announce a winter session special!  Ya’ll know I rarely have a sale, and this one is killer! There are ONLY FIVE SPOTS AVAILABLE and the session must take place sometime between January and April. Most people don’t think of winter as a time to do professional photos, but it is the perfect time […]

winter sale!

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You guys! Registration is live over at Photonative! I am thrilled to be speaking at this amazing conference and there is so much going on…incredible speakers, dance parties, dinners, native shoots, and tons of cool people. I will be teaching a class called “Three powerful tools to tell the story you envision.” Light, motion, and […]

photonative | utah photography workshops

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Do you remember that one time we lived in Bali? I finally worked on a shoot Travis and I did while there, and frankly, I kinda love it. Sorry to neglect you for so long, pretty girls on a pretty beach in a pretty part of the world that I hope to get back to very soon…

echo beach | bali lifestyle photographer

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So you may have heard me chatting about an upcoming photography workshop that I am THRILLED to be a part of…the East Coast West Coast workshop. It is a child and family lifestyle workshop for photographers who love photographing children and/or families and want to seriously up their game in technical, creative, and business skills. I […]

13 days of giveaways

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Too dramatic of a title? Sorry. Let me explain. We have admired (and slightly obsessed) over Iris and Light‘s work for a long time. Words do not describe how excited we were when somehow our timing, schedules, and location worked out that and we were able to work together! Dying over this video, I tell […]

dying | family video photography

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We cannot become what we want by remaining who we are. – Max Depree


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Over the next year, rather than hop hotels, we decided to rent a home in each country we visit. Because, let’s be real, we’re a big family and we don’t really fit in a hotel. Plus, we wanted a HOME, with rooms, and a kitchen, and all of that good stuff that homes have. The […]

the british us | wellingore england family photography

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Hi friends. We have arrived in England, and we are settled, happy, and safe. Wait, what? Huh? Why and when did you move to England, Jean? I figured there would be several people who didn’t know our situation and we’ve had tons-o-questions on why we moved here. So, here’s us in a nutshell… Travel has […]

england | dunstanburgh castle photography

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