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His day in the life images have been sitting on my computer for…ahem…eight months now.  I’ve given you my other boys’ day in the life HERE, HERE, and HERE, and now I’ve finally had time to sit down and go through my baby’s pictures from his special day.  At one year old, I tried to […]

day in the life…chubby style

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What??  I’m on a roll!  Here is the third installment of “Day in the Life” with my sweet kids.  You can see the first one here and the second one here. Meet B. Second in the lineup of boys. Super adventurer. Day dreamer. Doughnut lover. Sweetest and most sensitive boy you will ever meet. B. […]

day in the life

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Ahhhhhh…finally. Finally I am caught up on work for 2010 and am able to share some of my personal projects. Some of you may remember when I started my Day in the Life project.  In a nutshell, I am a very busy photographer mommy with four children.  Those four children don’t get photographed very much […]

day in the life

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So. I have a personal project. It’s just a little fellow of a project, but it is so needed right now in my days-and-weeks-that-fly-by-at-warp-speeds kind of life. My kids mean everything to me. I want to remember everything (well, some things could be left out) about their childhood. I realized this as I looked over […]

my project

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