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Engagement session was a dream, so needless to say I’m dying for the wedding day. Hey world, it’s the incredibly fun and beautiful Dean and Taylor! Special thanks to the Detroit Foundation Hotel for providing us with a super cool location to capture Dean and Taylor’s awesomeness.

dean and taylor | detroit engagement

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Ahhh it has been a beautiful fall here in Michigan. It feels more like a Michigan summer, but I’ll take it! Chris and Kate, it was so much fun photographing you and I can’t wait for the wedding day! Enjoy!

chris and kate | south lyon engagement

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Ahmagash. Scott and Amanda are dreamy dreamboats. They make Detroit look hot ๐Ÿ™‚

scott and amanda | detroit engagement photography

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Julie and Justin and Me and Nature. We’re SUCH a good couple ๐Ÿ™‚ Really though. They are beautiful and the COOLEST people. Makes me think of some very famous lyrics that I love… “Like a river flows surely to the sea,ย Darling so it goes,ย Some things are meant to be.”

justin and julie | michigan engagement photography

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You just got engaged. You have your wedding date set. You have dreams of the perfect dress, an amazing venue, family and friends, and of course, beautiful photos from your wedding day. But before all of that comes engagement photos! This is the most AMAZING time for you and your photographer to get to know […]

ryan and katie | michigan engagement photographer

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Hellooooo Monday! And hello friends! I would consider my job a very rewarding job. I get to be there for so many happy moments in people’s lives. Witnessing and capturing Travis’ proposal to Kayleigh was up there with one of my favorite moments ever. Sweet Kayleigh walked into the situation thinking I was a budding […]

travis and kayleigh | ann arbor engagement

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Spent an awesome evening with Harry and Rose and I’m crazy excited to photograph their wedding. Bring it November 2016!

harry and rose | kensington metropark engagement

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