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My little Miss Michigan is back and she is ALL grown up! I’ve been photographing Vivian for a few years now and am in awe at her beautiful presence and absolutely adorable personality. A pleasure as always, Miss Vivian 🙂


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Karen…what else can I say…other than YOU COMPLETELY ROCK and were meant to be front of my camera 🙂

karen…class of 2012

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Martha…ummmm…speechless.  You are a beautiful angel of dance.  And I can get away with saying things like that because I have four boys and I will never be able to use words like that in my house.  An angel of dance…and personality…and sweetness…and fun…

martha…class of 2012

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I know…you want to squeeze her, hate her for her beauty, sign her up for America’s Next Top Model, and elect her for president of the Hot Club all at the same time. This is my Hayley. Yep, MY Hayley. I’ve known her since a week after I moved to Michigan four and half years […]

hayley…class of 2012

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The photography comfort zone, that is. You know you are snuggled right between I-am-kind-of-finding-my-style-and-groove and ACK-I-need-to-improve-my-photography. We’re all stuck there most of the time. Try something new. A new pose. A new lighting scenario. A new genre of subject or people that is out of your norm. A new location. “New forces us to become […]

step out of the zone

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Ack! These seniors are killing me! Mini models, I tell you. Gina…you are beautiful…

gina…class of 2012

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Sofia, Sofia…lovely Sofia. A foreign exchange student from Mexico. Hair that looks amazing even in CRAZY winds. So beautiful on the inside and out. I met her last year and am so sad to see her time here in the United States end, but am so excited to have crossed paths with her and wish […]

sofia class of 2011

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They were looking for different. They were looking for unique. They were looking for HIGH FASHION. And I knew I was in for a treat when Alexa’s mother told me to just “meet them at the salon…there are so many awesome places here that we can use.” Squeal! You all know I love me a […]

senior shoot…high fashion style

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Another first day of school…come and gone. Another mom feeling the bitter sweetness of this time of year. Another senior waiting VERY patiently for a peek of her senior pictures. Enjoy some pictures of this beautiful and very talented senior!

mary class of 2011

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Get ready folks. I am going on a blog posting frenzy over the next two weeks! Lots to catch up on. Lots of new stuff.  And somewhere mixed in with all of the pretty people I will be posting, I will have some designer spotlights and giveaways!  So, stay tuned…like…every day. I’m starting the week […]

grace class of 2011

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