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The photography comfort zone, that is. You know you are snuggled right between I-am-kind-of-finding-my-style-and-groove and ACK-I-need-to-improve-my-photography. We’re all stuck there most of the time. Try something new. A new pose. A new lighting scenario. A new genre of subject or people that is out of your norm. A new location. “New forces us to become […]

step out of the zone

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Yep, I’m convinced. I am SURE we didn’t look like this when I was a senior. By WE, I mean my entire graduating class…just to make me feel better. And by THIS, I mean supermodelesque. Olivia…you are so beautiful…inside and out.

olivia…class of 2012

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Nick ROCKS! Had SOOOO much fun at this shoot… For sure…my favorite series…

nick…class of 2012

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Love it when a girl can rock the high fashion and then turn around and be the casual and beautiful girl-next-door. My camera loves you Shelby!

shelby…class of 2012

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Sometimes, you just. can’t. put. the. camera. down.  Yeah, this was one of those times.  Kristina…my camera had a crush on you in a serious way…

kristina…class of 2012

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“All a girl needs is her hot jeans, dazzling smile, and a pair of aviators.” – Jean Smith (made up by me. Just now.)

kelsey…class of 2012

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Tis the season for lovely seniors…

mary…class of 2012

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10 numb fingers, 10 near frostbit toes, and one runny nose later, I get one of my FAVORITE senior sessions ever. I introduce to you…Susie…my first 2012 senior!!

susie – high school senior 2012

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They were looking for different. They were looking for unique. They were looking for HIGH FASHION. And I knew I was in for a treat when Alexa’s mother told me to just “meet them at the salon…there are so many awesome places here that we can use.” Squeal! You all know I love me a […]

senior shoot…high fashion style

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