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Be prepared as I word vomit all over my blog with personal feelings and sentiments. I find myself sitting here at the beginning of a new year with many goals and aspirations. Some old. Some new. And SOME that need immediate attention. That SOME I am referring to is BALANCE…finding that ever desired balance in life. In my case…the balance between parenting, spousing, working, churching, and me…ing. I have known for a while that it is photography that has been hanging the heaviest on my balance scale. Don’t get me wrong…I feel SUPER lucky to have something as wonderful as photography that is hanging heavy on my proverbial scale. But, alas, many things have been neglected for too long and it is time for a fix. As I looked at my 18 month old baby and wondered where in the world the time went (and desperately wished for the time back), I knew I needed to make some changes. I want must have more time for my kids…for my husband…and hopefully a little tiny amount for me as well.

So, what does that all mean? Simply that it is quite obvious that I adore photography in every way and will continue on as usual…just at a lesser amount. So, I will be dramatically cutting the amount of sessions I will be accepting in 2011. This isn’t a warning to book early…just a heads up to…well…book early.

Thanks to ALL of my amazing, wonderful clients and internet friends for an awesome 2010. Bring on 2011!!!

And…I hope this family brings a smile to your face as they did mine. They hold a special place in my heart. Enjoy!



  1. Colibriphoto says:

    O M G. What a perfect family that is and the pictures, Wow! Jean, I admire that you are taking the courage it needs to re-assess the equilibrium in your life. I find myself struggling with the same thing and some days, I just feel trapped in a never ending spiral… When I’m with my kids, all I think about are my photography projects and when I’m working on my photography projects, I feel guilty that I am not spending time with my kids. I know the drill… and I only have 2! You are now more than ever an inspiration to me, (not just because you have 4 kids! how on earth???), but because you are taking what it takes to have it all. You rock. Thanks for being there and sharing your thoughts. (Sorry for the long comment…)
    Valerie : )

  2. Josh S. says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t possibly top what Valerie said…

    No comment.

  3. kelli taylor says:

    Good for you Jean! Owning a business is a MAJOR amount of work and you deserve the right balance of work life and home life.

  4. Kristin says:

    Okay I’ll be in Chicago June 12 to July 17. My husband will be with me for the last week of that so whole family in. Where can we do a shoot? Come to Chicago!!! Please!!! Bring the kids, enjoy the city!! Or I’ll meet you anywhere from Chicago to there!

    PS> What a gorgeous shoot that is above!! I particularly like the mussing the hair shot! You rock!

  5. Kristin says:

    PS please bring an assortment of shoes from any of your prior shoots. They don’t make them here in Brazil like they make ’em in Michigan!

  6. Jaci says:

    Way to go girl! You deserve a little more family time so you can have more of your own moments like this family is showing. Darling photos. I always wish I could paste my face on your clients heads! You do great work!— and that’s a huge understatement. I would dream to know what you know about photography!

  7. stephanie T says:

    I am completely in tune with you on this one… it’s a never ending battle to try and figure out the right balance and I haven’t grasped it completely yet, but I am certainly getting closer 🙂

  8. heather says:

    Good for you Jean! I am doing the same thing! Sucks how fast time flies and we will never regret spending more time with our kids. Love ya!

  9. Kristi says:

    I could write the exact same words myself. (Which is why you have me struggling over here wondering about renting your studio space….I want to, but am afraid to because then I’d be doing more work….hence the struggle). It’s such a hard balance. And I honestly don’t think anyone can understand it fully except those of us that are doing it.

    Very nice family shots!

  10. Aubri G says:

    Amazing perspectives as always! Balance is so hard to find and it is wonderful for you and your family that you are able to recognize what is really important.

  11. Hm…you and I must be on the SAME wavelength! I am in the same boat. Reorganizing, reassessing, reprioritizing…need more time for my family. 🙂 GO YOU Jean. Good for you for taking this leap! LOVE these images..what an adorable family!!!

  12. I admire you Jean, and I’m right there with you on the time thing. I know exactly how that feels. Between a full-time job, church, school, 3 kids and taking care of my parents I really know how it feels. Time is the most precious gift we can give one another and is so much more important than ANYTHING else. Good for you that you’re taking control. You deserve that happiness!

    P.S.- Your images are amazing as usual!

  13. Allison says:

    Balance…ahh…gotta love that word. I think we all continually seek it in every aspect of our lives. I also think that in a lot of our minds it means perfection in all things, but it is not. There are always parts of our lives that weigh heavier than others. I just know that I want it the be the right parts. I don’t think any of us want to look back at our lives and see that we spent our time in the wrong places. I know for the last couple of years you have been wanting to achieve balance. So…I wish you luck my sweet friend. You are super woman and everything you do is amazing, so I know you can do this. Loves!!!

  14. Amy Earle says:

    Thank you for sharing! I’m in desperate need of balance as well! I love how simply and elegantly you worded it! What a wonderful example! BTW, the images are gorgeous!

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