had a fabulous weekend…a good friend came into town and we just hung out, talked, ate, talked, and ate some more. so, although there were no sessions going on amongst this funfest, it is due time i post some favorites from some recent sessions that never quite made it to the blog.

do you recognize the little one from the first picture? yep, that’s my blog header boy!



  1. Heather says:

    oooh! who’s that hot mom in this post? She looks like she’s ready to take on Vegas! 🙂

    Love the cute pink chair. And could your blog header baby be any more cute???

  2. Ryan & Jenni Jackson says:

    Cute pictures! Joni saw the pictures and said “Jean is funny, Mommy.” I guess you did something pretty funny to make laught and she remember it when she saw the picture. She loves you. Aubry also looks so cute too! You are so AMAZING. Again, thanks so much.

  3. kirstynnlq says:

    Ahhh… I loved meeting Joy, and having dinner with you guys. It was so fun! Thanks for the post, I was wondering if you were keeping those lil girl pics (“J” and “A”) to yourself.

  4. Laurel says:

    Those turned out so cute Jean! You are great with kids, and a camera :).

  5. j.urbin photography says:

    Jean, Jean, Jelly Bean! I love these they are great. That little boy is so cute!

  6. Jennifer says:

    awww, these are gorgeous, absolutely stunning work, and it also helps when you have the most beautiful models!

  7. Haylee says:

    I love the first one Jean! He’s so cute… no wonder he made you banner! And who’s the hot mamma in #4 & 5? Great work!

  8. Paula says:

    Those are some great favs, I agree, your blog topper model is too cute.

  9. Nan says:

    That little guy is just too cute! I love the hat and the pink chair later on!!

  10. Kalar says:

    This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

  11. CroftandCampbellPhotography says:

    Absolutly Great! Love all the Little ones! gotta love a pink chair

  12. Kirstynn Evans says:

    I love the moms hair in #2, is it ok, if I print it off to take to the salon. I think I am ready for a change. I love that picture too!

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