Alexa and Nick | Meadowbrook Michigan Wedding

Honestly, I don’t know why Alexa’s family doesn’t just have a chair at the dinner table for me by now. First it started with senior photos for all four kids, then we (we as in me and her parents because we’re basically family now) married off Jordon to Julia, Sarina to Blake, and now Alexa to Nick. I know. It’s like the most gorgeous humans on earth got together and decided to marry each other. But besides their good looks, this family has a heart of gold and I’m so honored to have worked with them over the years. Alex and Nick’s incredible day started at her parents’ home (I mean, WOW), we moved to the Sweetest Heart of Mary in Detroit for the ceremony, and then partied the night away at Meadowbrook Country Club in Northville. Huge congrats to Alexa and Nick! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! And thanks to Laura, my second photographer, for her amazing eye and talent!!



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