baby claire

Walking into their house feels so comfortable. For one, I’ve been there many times to capture their family. And two, they are just some of the most awesome, down to earth, fun people I have worked with. Thanks T family for letting me come to your house, make tons of noise, talk your ear off, put you in random poses, and for being so very beautiful. Welcome little Claire 🙂

Sometimes I do a little sigh/gasp when I look at certain images. Missy has a certain presence in photos that is so beautiful…love photographing her and her little ones.

One of my favorites…pure happiness in fun, random light.

One of my favorite sibling/newborn pics EVAHHH!

Another image of pure joy in random light. See the pattern here?

I told Chris that I was getting a good shot of his biceps. Oh, and the baby is cute too 🙂

When baby needs a break, this is when we play. And these two KNOW how to play…

Don’t worry, it’s cool. They know how to handle a camera that is bigger than their face. Obviously. Plus, they just REALLY wanted to take a picture of me…



  1. colleen says:

    absolutely adorable…..the one with the 3 of them leaning into each other? one of the most beautiful photos EVER! A wall canvas, for sure. it’s just THAT perfect!!!! What a precious family…and gorgeous photos….

  2. jenny lowe says:

    beautiful and relaxing and moving, as usual Jean. Your photos continue to take my breath away!

  3. Hannah says:

    I absolutely LOVE your style. I think you take beautiful pictures and am constantly inspired by them!

  4. kelli taylor says:

    LOVE everything about these!

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