back in town

i am back in town and swimming through all of my “to dos.” my photography convention in las vegas was absolutely FABULOUS and i am so excited to share some images! i haven’t had time to upload them yet, but i do have one to share. more will follow.

these are my roomies and good friends, heather and kellee. should i be embarrassed to post this? probably. do i really care? not really. you all know what a goof i am.

on to my beautiful senior from my session today. man, the girl couldn’t take a bad picture…made my job easy! she is leaving town for warmth and sunshine, and i promised her a sneak peek before she left. oh…and those little white specks you see? yep…snow…yuck…so much for hopes of a warm spring break in michigan.



  1. Mike and Joy says:

    What-EVER, these are gorgeous! (I am referring, of course, to the silly pictures on top.) Okay, no really, that girl is fantastic, and your pictures are amazing as always…

  2. j.urbin photography says:

    I love these. I’m in love with #2, I love her face in #1. These are great! Another great posting from the very talented “Jean Smith”. You’ve really made a name for yourself. You should be so proud!

  3. laurel says:

    Okay lady, you’re pretty much the rock star with Seniors. So GORGEOUS! Very artistic. I’m glad you had fun in Vegas. Whatever you do, don’t say ANYTHING about the weather when I see you!

  4. Kirstynn says:

    Photographer girls gone wild!!! You are so fun! I love the senior session! #2 is my fave! Spring will be here right in time for summer! Great session girly!

  5. Heather says:

    these are gorgeous senior pics! I love them! They are inspiring me for my senior session on Tuesday! And those 3 hotties in the photo booth! Wowsa! 😉

  6. Ruby says:

    1- You rock the seniors too? Wowzers!

    2- I can’t believe you and I were both in Vegas and didn’t meet. I am a bigger goof than you and we would have had so much fun all together! Wait till i post my pictures…hahaha.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I love these!
    Meghan you look gorgeous.

  8. Ryan & Jenni Jackson says:

    I love these pictures. It looks like you had fun in Vegas. Great photos of the beautiful girl. I bet she is so happy with the results.
    We had fun last night. Lets do it again!

  9. Jessica Kettle says:

    Hi Jean! I am a friend of S. Tueller’s and I saw your blog on hers. Your work is absolutely beautiful. I am so inspired! Hope you don’t mind if I stop by more often now. =)

  10. Julie says:

    Jean…looks like you guys had a little TOO much fun in Vegas! Well, you know what they say…what happens in Vegas…STAYS in Vegas!:) hehe

  11. Anonymous says:

    i love my seniors pictures so far! i am so excited to see more!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    yeah thats the girl i look up to
    ashley 🙂

  13. Mom of Mix Kids says:

    Love the pictures. You’re amazing.

  14. mikkilynn says:

    Those senior pictures look like they could be an album cover…she could totally be Faith Hill’s long lost little sister.

  15. K's Mommy says:

    Yup…this gal is absolutely GORGEOUS…that combined with your magic….truly stunning! LOVE the one on the street with the snow falling across her hat and coat! Looks like it’s right out of a fashion magazine (makes me want to buy that outfit)…but would I look that good? *smiles*

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