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Dear flash haters, From one natural light lover to another…I have a tutorial on combining flash with natural light over on I Heart Faces. If you would like to check it out, you can see it HERE. Maybe you will see the light (no pun intended) and realize flash can open a whole new world […]

i heart faces

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Hello and Happy Monday internet friends!  A few questions as of late… H asks…I was wondering how you get such crisp images.  While I realize a big part is correct camera settings, I was wondering if you do an sort of sharpening on your subjects. The best chance of getting a tack sharp image is […]

q and a

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I already mentioned this in a recent post, but I feel I have to reiterate…for my sake more than yours. I post these question and answer segments on my blog not because I think I am a super rad photographer, but because 1) I am all about spreading the love and sharing information, and 2) […]

q and a

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I have recently decided that I will be posting an faq at random times on my blog. Now, before you roll your eyes and assume I think I am a photographic genius who feels the world wide web should be flogged with my opinion, hear me out. The truth is that I get emails daily […]

q and a

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