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You guys! Registration is live over at Photonative! I am thrilled to be speaking at this amazing conference and there is so much going on…incredible speakers, dance parties, dinners, native shoots, and tons of cool people. I will be teaching a class called “Three powerful tools to tell the story you envision.” Light, motion, and […]

photonative | utah photography workshops

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So you may have heard me chatting about an upcoming photography workshop that I am THRILLED to be a part of…the East Coast West Coast workshop. It is a child and family lifestyle workshop for photographers who love photographing children and/or families and want to seriously up their game in technical, creative, and business skills. I […]

13 days of giveaways

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Helllloooo photography friends! You may have seen my announcement recently that I am teaming up with three incredible photographers this year to offer a lifestyle child and family workshop! Spanki Mills, Angie Monson, and Shannon Sewell and I have announced our west coast location, which will take place in Pescadero, California (45 minutes south of […]

10 reasons why you should coast

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GET YOUR CHIC ON! I am honored to be a Celebrity Photographer over at Chic Critique! Their Celebrity Photographers encourage, inspire, teach, and critique members. During the month of November, I’ll be doing Business Critiques for photographers via video. Week 1- Website: Students will post their website/blog/Facebook page URL for review Week 2- Branding: Students will […]

chic critique | online photography workshop

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You asked, I attempt to answer! For real, thank you for all of your questions! I can only fit so many in one day, so I’ll get to some today and save the rest for a not-too-distant-future blog post. Eric asked…What are your thoughts on Instagram for newbie photographers? What are my thoughts on Instagram […]

q and a

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It took me a long time to get in a groove with newborn sessions. My newborn sessions used to be a combination of forced poses, crying babies, and a lot of frustration on my part. I almost wanted to give up when I had a “light bulb moment.” I realized that my niche is not […]

newborn sessions…what to wear

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Let’s just put it out there. Clothing/styling can make or break a shoot. Take any environment and put a family in bright, coordinating colors and funky accessories in it, and the image is automatically amazing.  Take a senior with awesome clothing/accesories, along with hair and makeup, and your images look like they are straight out […]

styling your clients

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Dear flash haters, From one natural light lover to another…I have a tutorial on combining flash with natural light over on I Heart Faces. If you would like to check it out, you can see it HERE. Maybe you will see the light (no pun intended) and realize flash can open a whole new world […]

i heart faces

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Hello and Happy Monday internet friends!  A few questions as of late… H asks…I was wondering how you get such crisp images.  While I realize a big part is correct camera settings, I was wondering if you do an sort of sharpening on your subjects. The best chance of getting a tack sharp image is […]

q and a

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I already mentioned this in a recent post, but I feel I have to reiterate…for my sake more than yours. I post these question and answer segments on my blog not because I think I am a super rad photographer, but because 1) I am all about spreading the love and sharing information, and 2) […]

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