10 reasons why you should coast


Helllloooo photography friends!

You may have seen my announcement recently that I am teaming up with three incredible photographers this year to offer a lifestyle child and family workshop! Spanki Mills, Angie Monson, and Shannon Sewell and I have announced our west coast location, which will take place in Pescadero, California (45 minutes south of San Francisco). And now…buh duh duh duh…we are super excited to announce our east coast location! We will be going to the beautiful Isle of Palms, South Carolina (30 miles from Charleston)!!

We are beyond excited to work together to create this magical experience for child and family photographers. We have so much to share and so much to give and can’t wait to meet everyone! We are offering $200 off registration through March 15th OR if you sign up with a friend, you each save $500 on your registration.

You can see all of the details and register over at www.eastcoastwestcoast.us. And if you still need reasons to come play with us, I have ten…

1. Location – Let’s be real, we have some pretty incredible places lined up for you. You can’t go wrong with either coast.
2. Inspiration – There is no way, no how a photographer of any level could walk away from a workshop without being inspired to do better, be better, and generally kick arse.
3. Knowledge – Duh. This is why most people want to attend a workshop. You get to crawl right inside the mind of the photographer(s) you love and learn new tips, tricks, and tons of takeaways to add to your style and business.
4. Fun – Again, duh. We are fun people! Just trust us, we are reallllllly fun. We can promise you a good time.
5. Friends – Meeting and hanging with others who share your passion is refreshing and good for the soul. We can almost guarantee you’ll walk away with at least one forever friend.
6. Creativity – We work and live in a field where creativity is a constant challenge. You will be forced to think outside your box and get new ideas so you can move past your creative rut.
7. Hands on – Watch and work with us during our live shoots so you can see exactly how we create what we create. There is no pressure to perform and you can ask as many questions as your heart desires.
8. Food – Mmmmmmm mmmmm, lots of delicious food to be had.
9. Swag – We will have prizes and goodies from our favorite companies all packaged and ready to put in your arms when you arrive.
10. Voice – You want a voice in this huge sea of photographers. We all do. It’s time for you to learn new skills and get inspiration on how to make your style a style that others will recognize.

Choose. Your. Coast.


All photos courtesy of airbnb.com



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