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Let’s just put it out there. Clothing/styling can make or break a shoot. Take any environment and put a family in bright, coordinating colors and funky accessories in it, and the image is automatically amazing.  Take a senior with awesome clothing/accesories, along with hair and makeup, and your images look like they are straight out […]

styling your clients

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While the business side of things can, well, suck it, I LOOOOOOVE to shoot and I love to edit.  My continuous goal is to create an image correctly straight out of camera and then lightly enhance my images in post production.  Editing my images is like putting the star on top of the Christmas tree…like […]

post processing with presets

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Wow. 2011 has come and is almost gone. I can’t believe it is already time to look forward to 2012! So, with 2012 in mind, let’s talk workshops! To answer the questions we have been receiving…Yes, we will be holding workshops in 2012 (2-3 at the most). Yes, we will be taking the workshops to […]

2012 workshops!

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“It’s almost a cruel joke that you don’t have little girls of your own to photograph…as a mother of 3 girls, I LOVE how your images show you’re inner girlyness.” Just a little comment on my Facebook that made me giggle. Any one who knows me knows it was my destiny to mother all boys. […]

eden’s bouquet

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Just in case you were wondering if bigger is better… 8×10 vs 20×30.  I think the 20×30 wins. Image courtesy of Ariana Falerni


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Hello blog and internet friends! Just a quick reminder that today is the last day for the 50% sale on our Blog Collage Action Set! Happy Blogging!

last day of sale

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Well, as you can see, I have chosen my new blog header! Congratulations to Marvett S, Caroline T, and Melissa S! You win our blog collage action set! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who searched through my blog to help me find a new blog header. My other top pics are shown […]


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New Year. What a cliche post title. BUT. I absolutely consider this a new year with new goals, new changes (personal and photography), and a new me. While I will save those thoughts for another cold, January day, I do want to get on with the new year and I need your help! While the […]

new year

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i use to offer standouts a while back but stopped because i felt i was offering too much “stuff.” well, i ordered me some standouts and fell in love with them all over again. soooo, if you are looking for something contemporary and unique, these babies are for you! and for one week, i am […]

i’m bringing them back…

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more senior stuff! first up, a fabulous senior that i had the pleasure of hanging out with the other day. this talented girl plays the guitar like a rock star, figure skates like someone famous (can’t think of any names at the moment), and plays in dirty puddles for her photographer. she rocks. next, if […]


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