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New Year. What a cliche post title. BUT. I absolutely consider this a new year with new goals, new changes (personal and photography), and a new me. While I will save those thoughts for another cold, January day, I do want to get on with the new year and I need your help!

While the image at the top of my blog is still one of my favorites, it’s time for a new image. It’s been up there for…um…almost a year now. Since I don’t personally prefer slideshows or collages at the top of my blog, I have ONE image to say…this is my blog and this is my photography! As I was looking through images, I realized that I love certain images so much because i am emotionally connected to them in some way…maybe I adored the personality of the person I photographed…maybe the lighting was really cool…or maybe she just had amazing shoes. I quickly concluded that I am not the person to choose the blog header image that will appeal to the masses (I like to pretend “masses” are looking at my blog).

So. Will you help a girl out? I need help finding ONE image that reflects my photography in the best way and will appeal to the masses (there I go again with the masses). Just look through my blog and either Facebook me, email me, or leave a comment with the date of the blog post and image description of the image you like best.

Of course I will reward the person who suggests the image I love best! Travis has created a blog collage action set that freaking rocks. No more saving templates on your computer, finding them in a folder, pulling them into Photoshop, and manually placing each image. You can see examples of the collages below. You just push “play” in Photoshop, and the action creates the blog collage for you and automatically places the images you want in the collage. Any size images on your blog. Photography blogs. Family blogs. You name it…it works for everything. He will be selling it soon, but the winner will be the first to receive it! You can see examples of the collages as you scroll down through both of our blogs.

I will choose a winner by next Wednesday…thanks for helping…and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!



  1. Lee says:

    My favorite image of yours is the first picture from your 6-10-2010 post, with the parents tossing the girl in the air. Love this one!

  2. christina says:

    ooh I have to vote for one of the Anthropolgie-inspired shoots! Either 5th one down here or 6th one down here

    Good luck – you’re in quite the predicament, having so many jaw-dropping images to pick from!

  3. Lisa says:

    There are MANY that I love, but the B&W full-family shot from Baked Goods on Nov. 30th really stuck out to me. Fun little angle, simple, flawlessly processed, totally candid and fun. So that’s my pick!

  4. Sara says:

    You have so many great pictures to choose from, I understand the difficulty! I really love two of the pics from Oct 1st. They are of a family with a little girl and boy. I love the picture of them all together on the bicycle. I also like the 2nd picture, where the kids are laying on the parents’ laps. If I had to pick, it’s really tough, I would go with the bicycle shot.

  5. stephanie lyon says:

    I love all of your stuff, but especially the weddings. I am choosing September 1,2010 with all of the boys throwing their hats at you. Thanks!

  6. Gabi says:

    I want one NOW! Pleeeeeease! And how on earth can you probably top that photo Jean? It is the bomb! But I will happily stalk your blog this am over a cup of coffee to find something that might do it! Shouldn’t be that hard lol though that picture…. Well you know…

  7. paula says:

    You make it difficult for the “masses” to decide when all of your work is gorgeous. Can I pick three? I will put them in order of preferences so you can count on my first to be the entry form. I love the “Shannon Sewell workshop part 2”, October 29 post with the darling owl gals, the second pic. Then there is “recent haps” from June 14, 2010…the beautiful baby in the basket…second pic. I am little partial to babies. Finally, “my love of anthropologie” April 28th…I am a bit of a fashion enthusiast…so I love these. The first or fifth picture. Decisions, decisions. Ok, I lied…the last one is my favorite….I don’t know. I do want to win those collages though. heehee phew…that was hard.

  8. paula says:

    ok, I started to comment a the second comment…but it took me this long to research your blog and find my favorite. there are definitely masses on your blog. lol (lot of love)

  9. Kristen McLellan says:

    I LOVE the Shannon Sewell workshop photos!!!

  10. Brandy says:

    August 18, 2010 The last photo on the entry is awesome. Shows how you like to use dramatic lighting. Your awesome!

  11. Julie says:

    I Love, Love, Love, the top left picture of the mom and dad in the wagon and the kiddos playing in this collage from 11-15-10:

    It not only reflects your special touch at capturing families & children, but it also shows your engagement/wedding side just by the way mom and dad are looking at each other!

  12. Shayla says:

    The “Rainy Day” post from September 16th. The first picture in the post I think sums up your photography style.

  13. Melissa says:

    What a super hard question to publish!! I am partial to my maternity pics and leighton’s newbie shots… But I do love the 6 month old with all the hair!

  14. paula says:

    I have another one…sorry. October 1, 2010 “Where do I begin” picture 2, 5 and 7. Love, love, love the family relationship you captured here.

  15. Ok. I’ve finally decided. I think your blog header should be all about Jeff and Megan. I love their engagement photo #6 with the stop sign in the background. If not that one then Jeff and Megan married #12 of the two of them in the hammock. These both display love, light and amazing angles, which pretty much sums up Jean Smith Photography!

  16. Mandy J says:

    August 25th, 2010 + the one of the family all eating their food = Your new blog header!!!

  17. emily says:

    i just adore the ones of faris and kristen. either the one of them in the pew with her looking up at you, or the black and white of them outside under the awning of a market (i’m assuming??)

  18. Amber says:

    I am SO in love with this session The date on it is October 1, 2010. I LOVE the shot with the kids on the shoulders (the landscape one, not the kissing one, although I like that one too) with the wizard of oz background and the mom looking up at the son laughing, or the first shot of all of them on the bike (which I think is my absolute favorite). I feel like those images describe you best, totally original, unique point of view and angle of the shot, but also show love and emotion. You can tell that family loves each other, and that is what I SO love about your pictures. Anyone who came to your blog for the first time would stop and look at those images, especially the one on the bike, and know what you are all about. You are amazing Ü

  19. Kimmy says: fourth one down with the bride and the little girl! Love this one and I think it represents what you do best! The lighting, the emotion, the child, and the beautiful bride look fabulous in the way you captured this!

  20. Megan says:

    I know you said ONE. But have you thought about doing one of those blog headers that scrolls through several photos, and everytime you open the blog you don’t know which one you’re going to get? Because it seems you are equally talented in weddings, seniors, families, kids, and newborns. Why not pick one out of each category?
    K.. still looking for my all time fav..

  21. Megan says:

    OK.. my vote for the best pic is jan 29 2010.. first pic . My all time favorite. I can’t tell you how many people I have showed your blog to, just to show them this picture. !!!! LOVE IT (and as a side note, i love the pictures with bright eyes., like may25 2009, second picture. you are amazing!)

  22. Tina Lynn says:

    Hey Jean! So many great photos, so hard to choose. I think you need to pick one based on the direction you want to go with your business and what you enjoy shooting most. Will that be maternity/newborns, kids and families, seniors, or weddings, all of the above still? of course that part’s up to you. My favorite was the one with the family on the double bicycle. However, I noticed in the post you said it was the same family that you have on your blog header now, lol. So, my next favorite family based photo is the one of the mom & dad in the wagon and kids pushing/pulling.

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  24. kristin cook says:

    so many great ones….but I choose Oct 1, the whole fam on the bicycle 🙂

  25. Beth Torrey says:

    Hard choice but I love August 25-the family at the zoo- the last image where they are in the polar bear exhibit. It is so beautiful and a really unique shot that also has a local, michigan bent to it.

  26. This is so tough! Can I vote for 2? First would be January 2010, first post, first picture of the family on the couch laughing. This picture will make anyone smile, and I love the contrast and colors in it! Then if you’d rather go with just a couple, I really went back and forth between two, but in the end, because of the lighting and muted color, I went with September 23 2010, Bernard and Tracy engaged, the second picture. This is so sweet and romantic and beautiful and sexy all in one. I love the outfit and the color. I think this one makes anyone look more than a glance. You just want to keep looking at it, and that’s what I love!

  27. Bree Hinkley says:

    SO TOUGH! My favorite family set has been the adorable October 1, 2010 set — the 7th one down. I know that you used this family in your previous header, but they are so adorable!
    I also love August 25, 2010, the 9th picture down of Mom crouched down looking at Son.

    You are amazing!

  28. Holly G says:

    So hard to choose. So.Freakin.Hard.

    But…after much searching of all of 2010 and PAINFULLY scrapping everything except my #1 fave…here goes mine:

    What can I say, I big-puffy-heart the lovey-dovey-huggy-we-love-each-other-SO-MUCH shots.

    Best of luck choosing! Now excuse me as I lap up the drool on my chin from looking at so much of your fabulous work. LOL.

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