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I fully understand there are a lot of images following these words. But, I couldn’t help it. It’s all because of beautiful people, a family I hold dear to my heart, one of the most amazing locations I have ever been to, and of course, true and perfect love. Chris and Theresa are so special […]

chris and theresa | celani vineyards napa wedding

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Very few words tonight…just sharing some images and memories from our recent trip to Barbados.  This amazing little island was so much more than just a tropical getaway.  The scenery, the people, and the fact that I could sit for hours reading a book was priceless. If you would like to read my musings on […]


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First comes love (the day before), then comes marriage (wedding day), and then comes THE DAY AFTER!!!! This post wedding shoot wrapped up our time spent with Brett and Erica in Riviera Maya, Mexico. All wedding day stress and nerves were gone and we all just had such a great time during this shoot. Adios […]

brett and erica | riviera maya mexico wedding

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Ok, Brett and Erica…I’m ready to head back to the Riviera Maya, soooooo, just let me know when you’re ready and I’ll follow 🙂 No, really, Travis and I had the most amazing time with this gorgeous and equally fun couple.  Loved their location, loved their friends, loved their family, loved their wedding, loved THEM…times […]

brett and erica | riviera maya mexico engagement

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well, we’re back from cancun and we decided that our trip was WAY too short. this was especially confirmed as we walked out of the detroit airport into 10 degree weather…ouch. i have lots of cuties to share but just wanted to sit for a moment and reminisce about the lovely warmth down south…

way too short

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whew! we’re back from a fabulous weekend of dirt, sand, and a lot of junk food. yep, you guessed it, we went camping. this was our first experience camping in michigan and being “up north.” WOW…i had no idea that lake michigan was like being at the beach…white sand, waves, shells…it was beautiful! we had […]

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