chris and theresa | celani vineyards napa wedding

I fully understand there are a lot of images following these words. But, I couldn’t help it. It’s all because of beautiful people, a family I hold dear to my heart, one of the most amazing locations I have ever been to, and of course, true and perfect love. Chris and Theresa are so special and I’m not sure there is anywhere on earth more perfect for their wedding than Napa Valley, California. So much love and congratulations to you Chris and Theresa!!

Location: Celani Vineyards, Napa Valley

And a few outtakes to wrap up the night. Travis shooting the rings…

And us with our super rad bride and groom!!



  1. You amaze me Jean. These are stunning.

  2. Lisa McCully says:

    Ditto what Marvett said! These are beautiful!

  3. colleen says:

    WOW….n’uff said……..WOW!!!!

  4. Kerri says:

    Jean, you have outdone yourself. I am speechless. Oh, and I am divorcing Craig so we can get remarried and hire you! 🙂

  5. Jennifer Sawtelle says:

    I have been looking forward to seeing these and you did not disappoint! These are seriously beautiful. I cannot adequately express how inspiring your work is. Breathtaking!

  6. cat says:

    Gorgeous Jean! beautiful light, beautiful flowers, gorgeous couple… Love how you captured all of it!

  7. Joann Gordon says:

    You look like a princess in a fairy tail wedding. Stunning.

  8. Rosalie Vicari says:

    Jean, you captured the beauty of an incredible day. Thank you for giving me glorious pictures that will make me smile every time time I see them.

  9. LaNae says:

    Amazing pictures Jean! I might get married again just so I can have you photograph my wedding!

  10. Cassie Flitton says:

    Amazing! You really captured the vision of such a wonderful day for this couple! Absolutely stunning!

  11. kelli taylor says:

    These are AH-MAZING!

  12. Mikki Pursel says:

    Every time I look at your pictures I’m amazed and then I have a follow-up mini panic attack because I want to be able to take photos like that but have SO MUCH FREAKING CRAP TO LEARN!!!

  13. Sarah Smith says:

    YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I especially love the one with the squishy baby. 🙂

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