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I never thought in a million years I would be here…writing about our past and future workshops. Because, well, I just wasn’t THAT person. The person who could teach…let alone the person who could get up and teach a room full of people. Because, I’ll just be honest…I am terrified of public speaking. Cold chills, sweaty palms, and small bouts of memory loss while speaking. Seriously. But, after a lot of encouragement from my husband, a lot of emails inquiring about workshops or mentoring, and me just plain ol’ sucking it up, we taught our first workshop in early 2011. And it was SO MUCH DANG FUN. AND, there were zero sweaty palms or anxiety attacks involved. I realized that I just have to have a super cool audience (check), and a topic that I love and am super passionate about (check), and I am ready to rock the public speaking scene!

Travis and I have had so much fun teaching workshops over the last year and a half and can’t believe we are already coming upon our final workshop of 2012. The amazing people we have taught and become friends with are what make the workshop and our experience so awesome. We are proud of our attendees and the amazing work they produce. We are excited to show off their work and thank them so much for all the kind things they’ve shared about the workshop. Bring on the eye candy from some of the attendees 🙂

If you would like to receive emails regarding upcoming workshops, or learn more about our final 2012 workshop in North Carolina (August 17th and 18th), visit our workshop website or email us at jean@jeansmithphotography.com.

Kim Hauman Photography

Jennie Cannon Photography (left), Dresden Park Photography (right)

“Travis and Jean were patient, experienced, fun, and 100% open with their knowledge. I learned and I laughed. But the learning and the laughing didn’t stop at the end of the workshop, as they have designed a continuous learning community through a private Facebook site where the support from the Smiths and the workshop members has been amazing. It’s the workshop that keeps on giving….. HIGHLY recommended!” – Colleen Parker from Dresden Park Photography

Kim Ritsema Photography

“I was a little intimidated to attend a workshop since I was pretty new to photography when I went to the HSSS workshop. Now, ive been to about a dozen different types of workshops and can honestly say there hasnt been one to even come close to the HSSS workshop. Travis and Jean were incredibly patient, knowledgable, honest and so REAL! They make sense of what you are just dying to learn and give you more inspiration and motivation than you ever thought you could have! Not only is the workshop for *all* levels of photographers but its probably the best photography investment you could ever make.” – Tiffany Eberline from Tiffany Eberline Photography

Charlene Stam Photography.  You can see more of her images and read about her workshop experience here.

Tiny Impressions Photography (left), Photography by Stacy Melton (right)

“There are so many awesome things I could say about this workshop. The workshop simplified everything for me. I was over thinking off camera flash, along with other things. Travis and Jean made it so clear. Travis and Jean are so open and share everything. So many great tips from the beginning to end. I also loved all of the recommendations on vendors, outsourcing, actions, etc. Starting out with this workshop was a huge benefit for me.” – Laura Finley from Laura Finley Photography

Lovin the Light Photography

Laura Finley Photography

AbbyBell Photography

“The He Said She Said workshop was worth so much more then I ever could have imagined. Not only do you learn so much on the business and the shooting side, but the learning never stops. Jean and Travis are absolutely amazing. In addition to the workshop, they created a place for all the workshop attendees to continue to learn from one another. Jean and Travis are 100% ACTIVE participants and continually being our mentors as we learn new things. This, hands down, is the best workshop I have ever attended. The relationship they build with their attendees is more then one could hope for. Recently I visited Michigan again and Travis even met us from lunch! Love these two!!!! HIGHLY recommend!” – Kim Hauman with Kim Hauman Photography

Bruce Murden Photography

Kristin Wilkerson Photography (left), Turtle Street Photography (right). You can see more of Kristin’s images and read about her workshop experience here.

Shannon J Dodge Photography

Maryrose Brame Photography

Purple Tree Photography (left), A Million Sighs Photography (right). You can see more images and hear about Christine’s workshop experience here.

Jean Rihm Photography

“Attending the He Said She Said workshop was like taking a quantum leap forward in improving my business in every way.  The workshop is loaded with pearls of wisdom about not only becoming a better photographer , but also about being happy doing photography.  Jean and Travis are entertaining and generous in their instruction. It’s a weekend perfectly balanced between learning, getting inspired and having fun.” – Jean Rhim from Jean Rhim Photography

Gabi Moeller Photography. You can see more images and read her workshop experience here.

Tina Lynn Photography

Heather Hamilton Photography



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