chris and theresa | michigan rainy day photography

We had big plans for a lake house engagement shoot. But then…Michigan happened. Michigan and her random, unpredictable rainy day happened. We decided not to reschedule and shoot anyway…rain included.  You might say I am thrilled we didn’t reschedule.  Enjoy the very beautiful Chris and Theresa…

Favorite image of the day!

Are you kidding?  The wine room made the most amazing, dramatic shooting spot.

So excited for July 2012!!!



  1. I love the emotion and energy in every one of these Jean. Awesome work!!!!

  2. Michelle says:

    I love them! So nice!!

  3. Jaymi says:

    I’m so glad you guys didn’t cancel! This is an AWESOME shoot! May I ask–did you put something over your camera to make sure it didn’t get wet? I’d LOVE to do a shoot in the rain someday but would worry about my camera!

  4. Maki says:

    [sigh]….I’m addicted to your photos!! I looooove this!!! I want to know about keeping your camera dry too, did you use that storm jacket thing for cameras? I do have a friend that uses a shower cap lol.

  5. Jeasica Abbot says:

    Are you kidding? These are amazing!!!!!!

  6. Steph says:

    Wow, these are so beautiful!

  7. jean says:

    Thank you everyone! And do answer your question, I did not have rain gear for my camera. I held an umbrella with my left hand and balanced my camera/lens on my bicep/shoulder area of my left arm to steady my camera. Psshhhh, who needs rain gear?

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