i forgot how much i love converse shoes until katie wore her cons to her session. i came home, pulled my baby blue cons out my closet, dusted them off, and took a little trip down memory lane. i remember my husband and i had a “slight” obsession with these shoes when we lived in china and we would negotiate our way to every color and style we could get our hands on. we kind of fell off the converse train when we moved back to the states and couldn’t bring ourselves to pay full price. sniff…i love me some china memories.

anyway, katie…thanks for being so fun, beautiful, pulling out the “fierce” when needed, and rocking those converse shoes.



  1. heavenesque says:

    Fabulous Jean!! Great set:) I bet this beautiful girl is

  2. Joy says:

    These are incredible. What a beautiful girl, I adore her outfit!

  3. Brittni says:

    I love a little spunk! Great pics!

  4. Kristin Cook says:

    These are A-DOR-A-BLE!!!!

  5. dsr says:

    Beautiful girl…. beautiful pics! And I used to wear Converse All-Stars too…. thanks for the memory!

  6. sarah wheeler says:

    these are beautiful jean! i bet you're adorable in your chucks 🙂

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