cynthia…summer version

You may remember Cynthia from last winter‘s shoot. Well, we decided to get together again, but this time, in warmer conditions. So, meet Cynthia again…summer version 🙂



  1. brooke says:

    oh my word. breathtaking. 1/2 way down, white dress, braid, closeup from the side & then next one w/ the earring — literally made me gasp. beautiful!

  2. jackie harley says:

    I seriously could look at this all day long. She is stunning and I am in such awe of your work and these photos. I love the work you do with her it is so inspiring.

  3. Sarah says:

    Stunning photos and beautiful girl!

  4. Laura Finley says:

    Completely phenomenal!!! Absolutely LOVE every single photograph! Beautiful!

  5. Mikki says:

    Love. Love. Love. Love. Did I mention LOVE!?!

  6. Malea Ellett says:

    Love this and everything you do!! What is your workshop schedule this year??

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