daily post 13

all right, my daily posts are winding down….which means there are just a few more days until the end of the month…AND…my urban sessions this weekend.

all emails have been sent out with the final details of the sessions. don’t hesitate to call or email me with any last minute questions! i have ONE LAST remaining time slot…6:00 pm in ann arbor…please call or email if you are interested. thanks!

last, but not least, here are a few pictures from a senior session from last week. he lives on a lake, which, of course, was incredibly beautiful…the location fit his personality perfectly.



  1. j.urbin photography says:

    All I have to say is WOW! This is fine art all the way. You are an amazing artist and have created a masterpiece. Bravo!

  2. jen says:

    those are super cool and different! i really like the first two… great work!

  3. Sisters staying connected... says:

    I love these pics! You rock! …Alison

  4. Kelli says:

    Is that honest to goodness panning? Dang, I’m trying hard to get that down. Any tips for me?? These look awesome.

  5. Kristin Cook says:

    these are great! He’ll love them 🙂

  6. gdove says:

    wonderful images!!! its me again, yes you did reply to my emails… wow how cool you use to live in AZ.wish there were photographer i knew around my area. all the photographers i admire are out of state. but i will be visiting MI. this summer and hope to get nice scenery images!!!!

  7. Holly says:

    Everyone who comes into our new home in Okinawa wants to know who took our family pictures. They all want to know when you’ll be visiting Japan so they can hire you. You’re amazing!

  8. sheena jibson says:

    loving these!! #1 is so pretty!! (or handsome??:) either way…perfecT!

  9. Angela says:

    The perspective on that last one is awesome – he looks like a giant in the landscape…very cool

  10. Photography By Shay says:

    Oooo, very cool motorcycle shots! I just love your work.

  11. Mike and Joy says:

    These are really cool! He will like them a lot, I’m sure!

  12. mikkilynn says:

    These are great–I’m so happy that super cheesey senior poses finally have some competition.

  13. Roger That says:

    I love these picture! What a cute kid….LOVE LOVE LOVE the bike:)

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