eastern market | detroit family photography

I met Jill years ago at one of our workshops. We’ve kept in touch over the years (thank you internet) and I was so thrilled when when she asked me to photograph her family this summer! Because, hello, they are all adorable, and hello, she has all boys…I have all boys…I know a thing or two on how to work with boys lol!!



  1. Cindi says:

    Jill !  I love these !  ESP B&w of family ❤️She’s very good at her craft !  

  2. Kity says:

    Wow!! I have known Jill for not that long, but she photographed my family and I felt like I got to know her through the pictures. It was like she read my mind, she captured my family perfectly. I think you did the same thing for her. These photos are absolutely amazing, I love every single one of them. 

  3. Kim Howe says:

    Love this family! Love the B&W of mom holding son. Also, the two of mom and dad holding each other against the fence….. made me tear up 

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