ellyn…class of 2012



  1. in LOVE with these images. Ellyn is a lucky girl to have her senior portraits taken by YOU! Beautiful girl, beautiful light, beautiful images. Oh and I see you got lucky w/ some wind. 😉

  2. You amaze me! I looooove these images!

  3. Kirsten O'Hara Gordon says:


  4. Tammy B says:

    These are fantastic and I’m sure Ellyn feels like a super model right now. Great job

  5. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE these! Gorgeous girl and sensational photos. Do you mind sharing which lens you used to get “Jean6”? The one with the buildings on either side? I love the look of that shot.

  6. ramona says:

    Wow, she reminds me so much of Evangeline Lilly!

  7. jean says:

    Thank you so much friends!!! Oh my…she does look like Evangeline Lilly!!!

  8. jean says:

    Oh, and Ramona…that image was taken with my 24-70 2.8 lens 🙂

  9. The light! Amazing Jean. I’m not sure if I’ve ever told you before, but I LOVE your work! LOVE!

  10. Kristin Cook says:

    LOVE these! So fun and fab!

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