engagement and drama

This engagement session left me feeling super happy. I am excited to share more from these two in a few days, but one of their shots fit perfectly into the iheartfaces contest this week…dramatic black and white.



  1. Kerry says:

    Wow, a stunning image. I really like this one!

  2. tiff says:

    I love the edginess of this photo. Wonderful.

  3. Love the contrast. Awesome image!

  4. Anya Coleman says:

    I love this shot!!!
    Good job!

  5. Melinda says:

    Very cool! I love how the shadows accentuate her amazing bone structure.

  6. Erin Gizzie says:

    Love the composition and lighting in this photo!

  7. Laurel says:

    PERFECT for BW drama! I love that he’s in the dark and she’s in the light.

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