faces and flowers

I love me some iheartfaces.com and I love me some faces and flowers (which just happens to be the theme of this week’s contest). My entry this week…



  1. Jennifer Bully says:

    This is still one of my favorites hanging in my hallway. You captured her spirit…beautiful photography.

  2. Beautiful image Jean. You should win!

  3. christina says:

    love it. beautiful!

  4. Jenni says:

    Hey Jean, I stumbled upon your blog via I heart faces’ website…awesome photos…very inspiring! I can really feel the emotion through your work! Have a wonderful day <3

  5. Wow it’s all about the eyes! What an amazing image. 🙂

  6. Mrs.Mayhem says:

    Look at those eyes! Wow! I love the colors in this photo. Amazing, with the pink and the blue.

  7. Leanna N says:

    Stunning photo. Everything about it just screams “AWESOME”. Great job and good luck!

  8. Sacha says:

    Those eyes – they just draw you in – so sharp – so lovely.

  9. Karen says:

    Beautfiul….perfect capture!

  10. Stacey says:

    GORGEOUS!!! Love it!

  11. Monica says:

    I love the blue eyes and how the flower in the foreground is blurry! Great job 🙂

  12. Marla says:

    beautiful, beautiful girl.

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