first glimpses…

i have facebooked, emailed, and family blogged our news all over the internet, so if you are one of the lucky ones who HASN’T been bombarded with our news…we are now the proud owners of baby boy #4…beckham owen smith!

a few shots from his first day in this big, crazy world…



  1. Kelli Taylor says:

    Congratulations! He's beautiful! FOUR boys! WOW! 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    Hi Jean!! I am so happy for you! He is absolutely beautiful and has a very cool name!!! Congrats!!

  3. Kristi says:

    I hadn't heard yet. Congrats! 4 boys, huh?! Wow! He looks so precious! (I am a friend of Julie Barb from the multiples club, I talk to Jennifer Urbin about photography stuff and my family used to go to your church). I follow your blog, but this is my first comment. I love your work! Maybe someday I'll actually get to meet you. Enjoy your new baby! Oh, and I love his name!

  4. April says:

    he is beautiful! Congrats!

  5. Sarah Wheeler says:

    Well somehow I missed all of your announcements, and my blog feed didn't update for you, so I am just now finding out your wonderful news 🙂

    Congratulations on your darling little guy, I hope you are feeling great, and I can't wait to meet him!!! xoxo

  6. laurel says:

    Congratulations! He looks so much like his brothers. You and Travis make beautiful kids!

  7. Ginnie says:

    Woo hooo, congrats Jean! He is absolutely delicious. Make sure to let me know how #4 is. I'll let you test it out for me before I decide to take the plunge. 😉

  8. Danielle Anderson says:

    congrats! what a beautiful name!

  9. janet says:

    What a beautiful little boy!!! Congrats to you and your family!!

  10. Ashlie says:

    Congrats! What a cutie. Looks like you got that chub you were hoping for. Too cute.

  11. McKenzie Hansen says:

    Yeah! Congratulations!!! He is darling!!!

  12. Laura says:

    He is sooooo sweet. Wow, you are a lucky girl. Congrats to you and your entire family!

  13. MJ says:

    You make me wanna hurl…you take beautiful photos EVEN FROM YOUR HOSPITAL BED! Woman, you are a serious overachiever! Knock it off! 🙂

  14. Dixon's says:

    In the process of moving from Michigan to Ohio we haven't had the Internet in a week. I couldn't wait to hear the news. Congrats!!! I am so happy for you and your adorable family. I am glad all went well.
    Jean, seriously take time to just relax and enjoy this new little one, he is beautiful.

  15. Julie Freeman says:

    Congratulations Jean! You must be the best boy mom ever!!! I'm so happy for you to be out of the pregnancy stage and he is beautiful. Love his name! I can't wait for more pictures!

  16. jen says:

    he is perfect!!! congrats!!!!

  17. Sisters staying connected... says:

    He is so cute! Man, you guys make good looking kids! I hope you are feeling good! 🙂 Alison

  18. Michelle says:

    Congrats Smith family! We're so happy for you–he's just as precious as they come–so cute!

  19. heavenesque says:

    Oh how adorable!! Congratulations on your beautiul
    little boy!!! You and I are among the few who have four children these days!! Can't wait to check out more newborn shots from you girly!!

  20. sherwood6 says:

    Congratulations!!! There's nothing like a house full of boys. Enjoy the ride ~ it's AWESOME!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Totally handsome, what a little peanut! Congratulations Jean, wishing you and your family the best! Christy Cody

  22. Deyla Huss says:

    WOW!!! congrats!! so adorable!!

  23. amberandlandon says:

    What a little sweetheart! Congrats! He is beautiful!

  24. DSR says:

    Congrats on Beckham! He looks a like a keeper! Hope you are getting some sleep!

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