Four Generations of Fun

Cheesy title, but so true. These four were such a joy to photograph! I decided by the end of the session that great personalities must be inherited, because even great grandma had a great attitude as we took pictures, and more pictures, and then some more. Thanks for letting me spend a beautiful day in a beautiful location with your family!



  1. Dana says:

    Jean, photography Queen. This was such a fun day. You were able to capture the real Staub, Quenneville, Evans women.

  2. Heather says:

    So great! Love love love the first and ones! And I love the emotion in the one with just g-ma and baby! You rock, girlie friend!!! 🙂

  3. Aftonini says:

    Great personalities ARE inherited!! I love the whole family and every one of them have bubbly vivacious personalities. Beautiful baby, grandbaby & great grandbaby to all of you wonderful women. So thankful you have all included me as a part of your family! Great photography Jean.

  4. Amy & Greg says:

    Oh, how I love these. How wonderful!! What an incredible talent. I need to hire you! Why are you so far away?

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