happy fall

Happy Halloween/Fall/Autumn/Harvest/It’s-almost-winter-kill-me-now!!!!! Safe trick-or-treating tonight!

A few images from a recent one year old shoot…

This kid has a wicked sense of style 🙂

Big brother was HILARIOUS…

My favorite shot 🙂

Tee hee…love it…



  1. Jenn Sawtelle says:

    These are so fun. The very last shot is perfect! Totally captures my boys at that age — and now. Brothers!

  2. Kimberly Grimes says:

    Jean, These are fantastic! I’ve loved all the pictures you’ve done for us, but I think this one may be my favorite one yet. Can’t wait to see the whole set. Thank you!!!

  3. Emily Petrous says:

    That’s my friend, Kim, and her adorable boys! Love these! Beautiful as always, Jean.

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