jason and kate | inn at bay harbor wedding

KIND OF obsessed with this wedding. I’m sure it’s partially because we were at a beautiful destination location, the weather was perfect, the company was fun. But, seriously, Katie and Jason…you guys were amazing. And sheesh, Katie, could you BE any more photogenic???

Location: Inn at Bay Harbor, Petoskey, Michigan
Flowers: Bloom Floral Design
DJ: Surround Sound DJ
Cake: Bella e Dolce
Videography: Northern Michigan Wedding Video
Ceremony music: Mike Davis Trio

jeansmith_minnick1 jeansmith_minnick5 jeansmith_minnick8 jeansmith_minnick10

Detail shots below by my second shooter and friendie, Laurel Photography.jeansmith_minnick15 jeansmith_minnick20 jeansmith_minnick25

That girl has got it going on (singing it as I type it)…jeansmith_minnick30 jeansmith_minnick35

Gasp! She is STUNNING!jeansmith_minnick40 jeansmith_minnick55 jeansmith_minnick60 jeansmith_minnick75 jeansmith_minnick78 jeansmith_minnick86 jeansmith_minnick87 jeansmith_minnick88 jeansmith_minnick90 jeansmith_minnick92 jeansmith_minnick94 jeansmith_minnick102

Lovely image by Laurel.jeansmith_minnick105 jeansmith_minnick120

Two of my very faves…
jeansmith_minnick125 jeansmith_minnick128 jeansmith_minnick130

Next image by Laurel…jeansmith_minnick135 jeansmith_minnick140 jeansmith_minnick142 jeansmith_minnick145

Gorgeous end to a perfect day!!!jeansmith_minnick185y mo




  1. Heidi says:

    Good gracious that what a GORGEOUS couple!! You are blessed Jean! Awesomesauce as usual. 😉

  2. Karilee says:

    Gorgeous Fun! Fantastic!

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