kevin and laura | michigan metropark engagement

Speaking of the amazing weather mentioned in yesterday’s post, here is another product of that same, fabulous day. More sunshine, more warmth, and of course, more people in love while laying in leaves. I can’t help it, I love the leaves, and it only comes one time of year, so just let me overuse it for a few weeks 🙂

Introducing, Kevin and Laura! Super excited to photograph their wedding next year!!
Not gonna lie, I have several favorites from their shoot. I ADORE the next two, especially when put together…

Oh yes, another fave…

Oops, another fave…
Sigh…and another…

Ok, and just one more favorite. Kevin and Laura ROCK 🙂



  1. Laura Finley says:

    Just Beautiful as always!!

  2. Jenn Sawtelle says:

    Beautiful! I am loving the shots between the fence planks that you have been doing lately!

  3. cassie driscoll says:

    most beautiful pictures ever I love them

  4. Nichole says:

    Absolutely love ALL of these pics!!!! Love you both!

  5. Regina McCormick says:

    These are absolutely beautiful, but every picture you two are in tune out great. Love ya both.

  6. Your photography is stunning. Simply stunning!!

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