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Annnnnnd, we’re back from Las Vegas.

My cup overfloweth and I feel beyond blessed. Blessed because we get to travel and share our passion with others. Hugely blessed because we get to meet so many crazy awesome people at our workshop.

No words can thank the people enough who are behind the scenes of our workshops…

Workshop Coordinator: Brittni Schroeder
Hair/Makeup Styling: Melissa Moss
Wedding Dress: Katie Jean Designs
Models: Rhett and Kelli Marek
Workshop Staff: Brittni Schroeder, Ken Duffy, Josh Sherwood, Laurel Hogge
Location: Random Las Vegas Desert

Somehow we escaped the workshop without getting a proper group picture.  But, I love this shot of the last few minutes of our workshop happiness 🙂



  1. beautiful imagery jean! lovely.

  2. Looks like so much fun Jean, and always I love your images!

  3. jean my dear, these are stunning! i’m glad you had such a nice trip 🙂

  4. Debbie Paige says:

    Love these images! And, as a nail tech, I love love love the brides nails!! Love that she didn’t go with the typical french look! <3

  5. Kelli, you are so gorgeous!!! Jean, these are impeccable.. beautiful in every way.

  6. Cheers for a good blog post, I am a wedding photographer and find your work fantastic, keep up the goodgreat shares.

  7. […] just had so much dang fun in Las Vegas, I keep posting more and more images! First it was the beautiful bride and groom, and then an adorable family, and finally, our gorgeous engagement couple. All models were […]

  8. kayla :) says:


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