martin and heather | grosse pointe war memorial engagement

Martin and Heather flew in from L.A. for a weekend of whirlwind wedding planning, and we were finally able to meet for our engagement shoot. I learned a lot in a short amount of time. For example…

  1. I learned that Martin doesn’t like cold (Michigan vs Los Angeles…makes sense).
  2. Heather has one of the most radiant smiles I have ever seen.
  3. Martin thinks I am a little loud and crazy (not words out of his mouth, but I’m sure he was thinking it).
  4. Heather has a killer fashion sense and I covet her yellow skirt.
  5. I also realized how lucky I am to know and work with such beautiful and wonderful people.

I’m UBER excited for their wedding later this year 🙂

Mmmmmm, favorite shot of the day.

Oooooo, another favorite shot of the day.



  1. Lia says:

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful! I love every one of them.

  2. What fun shoot and couple. Love it!

  3. Genny Argue says:

    Great site. Thanks for showing us.

  4. some of these shots are so amazing

  5. jen says:

    That skirt is super cute! Mustard is a very hard color to find. Of course I love these images too Jean. 🙂

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