michael and ann marie | grosse pointe war memorial wedding

When I met these two at their engagement shoot, I knew I could expect an incredibly amazing wedding day. And of course, they did deliver.  Over the top.  I mean really…fedora hats and parasols?  Horse drawn carriage? A gorgeous dress with an even more gorgeous bride inside of it?  A handsome groom with a killer personality?  Some of of the most beautiful locations in Michigan?  And on top of it all, they have the sweetest love for one another and I was thrilled beyond words to be apart of their day. Enjoy their day at the lovely Grosse Pointe War Memorial and Edsel and Eleanor Ford House.

XOXO! Congratulations Ann Marie and Michael!



  1. Ali Martin says:

    What a fun wedding! I wanna get married again! LOL To the same guy of course! You never cease to amaze me! EVER!

  2. Kristin Barbieri says:

    Jean, you have truly outdone yourself on this wedding!! I want to get married all over again just to have you shooting the wedding. Love, love, love the one of the bride laughing with the bridesmaids, the poses of the (HUGE!) wedding party with parasols on the breakwater (or whatever that is) and the one of the bride outside with her veil a-flying!! Gorgeous all!!

  3. Kristin Barbieri says:

    Okay, wait a second, I just went over to their engagement shoot link!! I laughed out loud at the sheer joy of it–especially the one of the horse with them in the background! What lovely people! What a lovely photographer! Please move to Brazil. Please.

  4. Travis says:

    Freaking AWESOME!!! I so wish I was there with you!

  5. Colibriphoto says:

    What a fun wedding! And I love the photo boot idea! Jasmine Star does the same thing, it’s super original I think! ; ) Great shooting again, you are a master! : )

  6. Laurel says:

    We’re geeks, but we can rock a wedding 🙂

  7. Melissa says:

    These pictures are to die for! The picture of them on the water with the umbrellas is my fav!

  8. Julie says:

    oh my heck – you define awesome!!!! I so wish I could second shoot for you. Do a wedding in Boise K?!?

  9. Awesome work Jean! I love the bathroom shot, the detail shot, and the hats coming at you shot. You are always so original in your work, and I must mention that I love your no shame gene. You are gorgeous!

  10. Kerri Moccio says:

    Unreal! Love the color scheme they picked and you made the most of it. In a big way. Love the one on the seawall of everyone. I wanted to be at that wedding – it looked like so much fun!

  11. Jessie says:

    Oh my goodness, every single shot is pure perfection!!

  12. brooke says:

    AHHMazing, totally amazing. You are a creative genius. I want to be you. Sheesh. Beautiful work Jean!

  13. Jean! AM and I just checked out the post on my blackberry on the train from venice to cinque terre. Very cool shots, can’t wait to see the rest of the shots and go through the photo booth options.


  14. Elise & Bryon says:

    Love Love LOVE the pictures! All of the time and effort paid off in every single picture! You guys are such a beautiful couple.

  15. Kelly says:

    AnnMarie and Michael,

    Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful couple you make. Wishing you all the best!

    Love, Kelly & Eric

  16. Meghan Lambie Sawdon says:

    Jean! These pictures are amazing! Wonderful job capturing the day!

  17. Paige S. says:

    Who needs a shame gene? I think that was left out of my gene pool, too.

    And hello? These images took my breath away. Admitedly I’m feeling a slight twinge of jealousy of Laurel right now. But she did a really AWESOME job! Congrats!

  18. Kari Dawson says:

    The pair of you are adorable!! I am so loving the images from this wedding! So super fab ladies!

  19. Michele Giardina says:

    All I can say is WOW! You didn’t just show us what Michael and Ann Marie’s wedding ‘looked’ like, you showed us what it ‘felt’ like….that is photojournalism at its finest. Bravo!!!

  20. Michelle & Mike Lambie says:

    Wow! Wow!! WOW!!! These pictures and the subjects are over the top amazing. Jean, way to capture the moments. A quick look at the photos 20 years in the future will be just like being there! Bravo Zulu!!!

  21. Joy says:

    Absolutely, jaw-droppingly amazing. You are my idol and so is Laurel. Gorgeous wedding, Gorgeous images!

  22. Kristin says:

    Could be some of my all time fave wedding photos EVER!!! You’re amazing!

  23. Jenni says:

    Ryan and I are totally going to get married again and you are going to take the pictures! Wow… these are so amazing!!!!

  24. paula says:

    Holy Cow, that’s a wedding you want to be a part of. I love it! You truly rock!

  25. Holy moly guacamole………..these are F A B U L O U S !!!! I think this is my favorite wedding of yours so far. My favorite pic is the one of you and Laurel of course…you too are sooo funny. I love you girls!

  26. gail eisen says:

    Loved the pictures! Looking forward to seeing more of them. How can we order photos?

  27. well,these pretty much just blew my mind. i can’t even get over that veil shot!! and your group shots are so creative. basically, you amaze me. good to hear from you!

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