michigan bohemian wedding | kyle and yvonne

After living in the western United States for most of my life, and then living in Michigan for the last ten years, I’ve noticed a trend in photography and weddings. The western side of our great nation seems to have more of a bohemian, carefree style, and the midwest and east coast leans more towards couture and elegance. While my heart tends to have hippie tendencies, I also very much appreciate the elegant and fancier things in life. Is one style better than the other when it comes to wedding style or photography? Absolutely not! But when a bohemian styled couple AND nature comes my way, you KNOW my hippie heart is singing! Enjoy lovely Kyle and Yvonne…



  1. Sharon Neves says:

    Oh my goodness. These images are stunning. Her dress is unreal. I love it so much. The shadows and connections and moodiness of
    These images are simply amazing.

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