minis and littles

First, my mini sessions for May are full…THANK YOU!  However, my contest to win one of three free styled/themed mini shoots is going until Thursday!  You can view the details in my last blog post.  Go on, there is still plenty of time to enter!  Oh, and just a hint for those of you have entered or are thinking about entering, one of the ways to win is to use the “suggest this” tab on my blog.  The highest amount suggested by someone so far is 12 suggestions.  Only 12!  That means, if you suggest even 15 people to “like” my page using the “suggest this” tab, you will be in the lead for winning one of the free shoots!

And, finally, some adorable littles for this lovely Monday morning…

This one cracks me up…I think big brother is way more excited about brotherly bonding than little brother…

I love cool parents…



  1. stephanie lyon says:

    Wow, you did it again! You take a family…at any location…and make it look amazing!!!

  2. Jess says:

    Oh goodness, those little ones are SO cute!! Love how you capture the moment.

  3. dsr says:

    Beautiful as always Jean! The one with his head in his hands is just outstanding. Such a sweet expression.

  4. Amanda Jessop says:

    Genius! Love them all!

  5. What a lovely blog page. I’ll definitely be back. Please maintain writing!

  6. Mikki says:

    All these family photos you’ve been taking look straight out of a family magazine. So great and so precious.

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