model shoot

Have I ever mentioned how much fun it is to shoot models? Pretty girls, pretty clothes, cool locations. I. LOVE. IT. Thanks a million to the beautiful models, Mandy Gutierrez for hair, and Emily Zelenak for makeup. Want more? You can see my hubby’s (Travis) view of the evening over on the Boka Studios blog.



  1. Sandrine says:

    Oh my gosh YES I do want to see more!! I mean what more can I say, I fall off my chair every time, I drool over my keyboard, it is all messy :)…but only because you are the BEST!!! I mean WOW x10!!! This last one is my favorite!!

  2. Jess says:

    All I can say is WOW (really loud) cause they are amazing.

  3. Jean, once again I am blown away. WOW. LOVE that first one. All of these images are stunning!

  4. Colibriphoto says:

    WOOOOOOOW!!!!!!! My goodness!!! How different from all your other stuff, but still as gorgeous as usual! Absolutely beautiful!

  5. Julie McPherson Dennis says:

    Saw the link on Facebook and a big Fan! FABulous!

  6. Brittni says:

    So much fun! Good Times! Amazing as always!

  7. Mikki says:

    Great shots! The last one is my favorite.

  8. Julie says:

    You are seriously amazing! I love seeing what you come up with next – can’t wait for more!

  9. Anya Coleman says:


  10. brooke says:

    Oh WOW! Jean these are so SO rad. How I adore these!

  11. Brandi says:

    Awesome, what fun!

  12. Love these!!!!!! so crisp!

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