natural light

Sometimes…in the middle of a cold, dark Michigan winter…I walk into a client’s home…and find a spot of natural light heaven…

And…I am in heaven. I love creating and using artificial light, but there is just something about beautiful natural light…on an equally beautiful and fun family.



  1. Kristin says:

    My dear, you are the MASTER of light. That is what everyone comments on first on the photos you took of the twins!

  2. Emily Clark says:

    Oh my, how lucky are you! Beautiful images as always!!

  3. Ali Martin says:

    Gorgeous light!!!!!!!! Why can’t I have that in my house?? Gorgeous fam and gorgeous pics!!! Good work…again! 😉

  4. Holly G says:

    Oh man, I love coming across natural light havens! It can be tough to find sometimes, but when it works it’s the most amazing thing.

  5. Brilliant!!! Love these!

  6. I agree with Kristin. You are the master of light!

  7. Dana Pulver says:

    YES, there is something so, well… “natural” about natural light – LOVE IT! However, I think you have mastered the art of using artificial light too. But I know what you mean – beauty, beauty!

  8. And you are amazing at using every kind of light!! What a PERFECT & beautiful room/ session!

  9. kelli taylor says:

    Love these! You would never know you took all these in that same space! There’s nothing like some beautiful natural light! 🙂

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