Not gonna lie, it’s always a bit of pressure when photographing other photographers. It’s even more pressure when you know they drove five hours to have you photograph them. But, then you get over it and realize how excited and grateful you are to photograph such beautiful and ahhhhhhsome people. Nicole is a photographer up yonder in Northern Michigan and can see her eye candy here. Nicole, you and your family rock. So happy to have crossed paths with you 🙂



  1. Adrienne Gillis says:

    OMG Jean, these are FREAAAAKING AMAZING! I need to get down there right now and have you do our family pictures!

  2. Maki says:

    I’m so glad you say aahhhhhhsome too! Midwest represent! If I can’t have another wedding, I guess I should start making babies. 😉 LOVE these btw…..that older brother is going to have his hands full protecting his sisters from other boys!!!

  3. Alisha says:

    Amazing photos! You capture moments very well. Nicole is very picky and VERY happy…..well done!

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