ryan and jillian | pine lake country club wedding

Ryan and Jill emanate a kind of joy and happiness that is hard to describe. Obviously they are super rad and fun to be around (duh)…but I think it is their total and complete love and respect for one another that has me wrapped around their little pinkies. Their day was cold and rainy, but they didn’t even blink an eye. In fact, I remember hearing something like “I love days like this…dreary, gray…I love it!” from Jill’s mouth. That’s the kind of person she is…finding happiness in everything and sprinkling her happy fairy dust everywhere she goes. And don’t even get me STARTED on Ryan…most girls would kill to have a man that looks at and treats her like she is the most perfect creature on this earth. Needless to say, I love them.

Congrats Ryan and Jill!!

Wait, what? Is that Ryan Gosling? Different Ryan, same awesomeness.

Beautiful people…

Jill and her little…

I absolutely adore this shot captured during the ceremony, by my partner in crime, Laura Finley.

Beautiful Maids of Honor and bride…

Are you kidding? I love them!!!



  1. Beautiful work as always. My absolute favs are the ones with Jill and her daughter, and the black and white of her with her bridesmaids helping her with her dress. Gorgeous emotion in all of them and fantastically captured!

  2. grandmother charlotte says:

    Jill/Ryan what beautiful pictures of your wedding day. The two of you look so happy and I know that you are. Your beauty and his
    good looks make for a great couple. May you always be as happy and look back in years to come as the most beautiful
    day in your lives. Togethernness is what it’s all about.

  3. Jillian Fiebelkorn says:

    Jean Smith, you are amazing; the absolute BEST at what you do! These photos make me feel it all over again! THANK YOU! We are so lucky! We will cherish these FOREVER! XO

  4. breanna peabody says:

    absolutely amazing wedding photos with the two most amazing people 🙂 glad you are part of our family jill, you are wonderful in every way. oh and ryan too haha! love you both 😉

  5. Emily LaFeir says:

    Jean, you impress me more and more each day! Jill and Ryans wedding pictures are nothing less than the best! I will find a way to have you at my wedding :p

    and Jill and Ryan love you both and all these pictures SO beautiful!

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