ryan and sarah | utah newlywed photography

Ryan is my brother in law. Ryan was my good friend long before I even met Travis (my hubs). I adore Ryan like crazy. Sooooo, I was a little freaked when he says “I am dating a girl named Sarah, and oh yeah, we are getting married next month.” Ok, so it didn’t happen quite that fast, but it was fast. Who was this girl who was sweeping into the family and I had never even met her? Skeptical? You betcha.

So, they did get married, and we sadly weren’t able to attend the out of state wedding. When we headed home to visit this summer, we were finally able to meet this brother-in-law-stealing-girl I had been hearing about. And, I loved her. Instantly. She is funny, sweet, amazing to Ryan and his girls, and all around perfect for Ryan. And a perfect fit into our family.

Ryan, I love you like always. Sarah, I love you as a new sister. And, I TOTES love you guys together 🙂

Annnnnnd, if you want a peek into their personalities, the next photo sums it right up 🙂 Love you guys!



  1. Sarah Smith says:

    LADY!!!!! Thank you so much. I can’t get enough of the amazing faces we’re making on the last 2!

  2. Jennie Cannon says:

    Defiantly Travis’ brother. Judging by the last picture anyway:)

  3. sara sammann says:


  4. Allison says:

    Classic Ryan! Those are awesome…they are such a cute couple.

  5. Jessica Arevalo says:


  6. Marilyn Brown-Mom says:

    I LOVE all of these. You have captured some great moments. These will be cherished!

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