Katelynn and Scott | Verterra Ridge Wedding

Long story short. Scott and Katie’s wedding in France was scheduled for 2020. Covid. French wedding pushed to 2021. Covid still being an idiot so French wedding cancelled. Their wedding rescheduled for June 25, 2021 at the Ridge at Verterra vineyard in northern Michigan. The forecast threatened rain and thunderstorms all day but it never came. And just for a few brief moments at the very end of the day, the sky opened. Laura and I woke the next morning to a torrential downpour and it never stopped all day. I told Laura (my awesome second shooter) that God knew the heartache and hassle it took Scott and Katie to get to this point, and when he opened that sky for a few moments, he was saying “I got you, today is yours.” Katie and Scott’s day was a foggy, dreamy, beautiful display of their love and hard work. Congratulations you beautiful people!!



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