sean and melissa | bloomfield hills michigan wedding

It was was one of those days where I was sure the bride and groom had practiced in the mirror beforehand. Shut up…you know you practice in the mirror…whether reciting answers for an interview, rehearsing lines for a play, or practicing your smize as if Tyra were watching. But, after thinking about it for two and half seconds, I figured I was the only one who probably ACTUALLY does that and realized that these two are just so pretty and happy in love that  it transcends to those all around.  What a perfect day and setting for your wedding. Congrats Sean and Melissa!!

I may or may not have wanted to secretly steal her purse 🙂

Love this shot from Travis while the guys get ready.

Ok…see?  See what I mean?  She looks like she is straight out of magazine!  Melissa…admit it…you practiced looking so smizeilicious (I never thought I would use the word smize in public, but I can see why Tyra says it all of the time…it’s a fun word)!

The handsome Sean…

One of my favorite groomsmen pics ever!

One of my favorite shots of the entire day and I can’t even take credit for it.  That’s why Travis is my right hand man 🙂



  1. stefanie says:

    gorgeous girl! question- why does it look like the car in the tree shot is two different colors? nice job!

  2. keep the updates coming, your blog is fantastic!

  3. Jean, you rock. I mean it. These are gorgeous!

  4. Dana says:

    So cool to see these Jean. Excellent work by both you and Travis, as usual!

  5. gail says:

    Love, love, love these!

  6. Jann says:

    You drew out the inner movie star of our daughter and son in law. Thanks for having the vision. She reminds me of Audrey Hepburn.

  7. Kristin says:

    These are awesome!

  8. Oh hey I just wanted to take a moment to say I love to read your blog!

  9. Fun Stuff says:

    Heyyy I just wanted to take the time to say i love reading your Site!

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