session giveaway and a wedding

First item of business. We are moving into week 2 of our free session giveaway over on our Boka Studios blog. This week, my husband is giving away a free high school senior session (2010 or 2011 seniors). Are you a senior?  You will be a senior?  Know a senior? Go get the full details and win yourself a free session!

Second, as my super creative title stated, I have a wedding to share. A beautiful, amazing wedding in an equally beautiful and amazing location. I have never been to the Opera House in Howell, but I was completely in love the moment I stepped into the vintage heaven. Meghan and Josh…thanks for being so fun and a big huge congratulations to the both of you!



  1. I love all of these, but I think the one of them kissing on stage is my favorite. Great work!

  2. Sandrine says:

    Wow!! I just LOVE the vintage look!! Beautiful set! What an awesome location! No wonder you had so much fun with it!!

  3. Jamie says:

    Oh wow. These are just gorgeous!!! So very beautiful!

  4. Mellissa R says:

    Gorgeous/ Handsome…as always. Beautiful pictures!

  5. Cathy says:

    beautiful pictures.

  6. Steph says:

    In L.O.V.E with your use of light. Wow great couple and locations!

  7. Mikki says:

    You did a lot of fun things with these pictures, and I really like how they turned out. I love the light in the dancing and stage ones. Really nice.

  8. EDIT 22 says:

    These pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing them.

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