shane and leyna | pointe aux barques lighthouse wedding

If there were  an official Bride Rulebook, I’m pretty sure that it would state that a bride is allowed to be a little selfish, maybe even borderline diva on her wedding day.  And I’m positive it would say she isn’t supposed to carry equipment for her photographers on her wedding day.  And no asking everyone else if they need a drink while she gets ready. And DEFINITELY no opening car doors for her photographer.

This was Leyna.  Travis and I were in awe the entire day at her selflessness and making sure everyone was comfortable and happy throughout the entire day.  This girl spreads BURSTS sunshine everywhere she goes.  I was smiling that day.  A LOT.

And then put Leyna and Shane together.  More smiling from me.  They are so beautiful together and are SO happy and in love.

Oh, and all of that about her carrying our equipment and opening our car doors?  It’s all true.  Our conversation as we were packing up to go to the reception with Shane and Leyna…

Travis (my hubby and second shooter): Packing equipment in bags

Leyna (bride):  Oh, Travis, can I help you carry your equipment?

Me (me):  Leyna…you are the bride…NO carrying equipment!

Shane (groom):  Leyna…if there is equipment to be carried, it will be ME carrying it.


The wedding and reception took place at the beautiful Pointe aux Barques Lighthouse in Port Hope.  Fun fact…it is the oldest working lighthouse in Michigan 🙂

Up, up, up to the top of the lighthouse.  Not an easy task to get approved.  Just ask the COAST GUARD…whom they had to get permission from 🙂

Oh, the view…sigh…

Are you kidding me, Leyna?  S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G.

I love you, Travis, for getting this shot…

Another of my favorites shot by Travis

I might frame this and put it on MY wall…

I could do an entire blog post JUST on their fabulous details at the reception.  Some of my favorites…

I always hate to admit it, but I weep and sniffle behind the camera quite often at weddings.  It is the happiest day of a the couple’s life, and there are so many special moments.  This moment…the one where Leyna surprised Shane with this dress and showed how much she embraced and loved his Indian heritage, and then danced her little heart out…made me tear up a little more than usual.

Congratulations Shane and Leyna…we are honored to have captured your day and to have been in your beautiful presence 🙂



  1. Dana says:

    One of my FAVS yet this year!!! LOVE, love, LOVE the stairway shot inside the lighthouse. Great job as always!

  2. Iseabail says:

    WOW! You are an amazing photographer. Congratulations on 1st place, that photo was beautiful!!!

  3. Karen says:


  4. Marilyn McDonough says:

    I am crying at the beauty of Leyna and Shane’s wedding.

  5. Julie Parker says:

    Your weddings are so amazing!!

  6. Holly G says:

    Heart, heart, heart, heart. Fantastic job. <3

  7. paula says:

    Are you kidding me? Totally jealous of this session…lighthouse, barns, the decor and her dress. You get some dream session. I am just not getting lucky enough to get these kinds of “events”. Holy cow, probably my most favorite session of yours, just amazing.

  8. Leyna says:

    Jean- These are AMAZING! I couldn’t have asked for a more talented and adorable photographer to share my special day! I can’t write much more now because we’re in Guatemala and Internet is hard to come by, but I had to let you know how happy I am! And your completely kind and generous words… My deepest thanks. You are such a talented woman and a beautiful soul! Muchas gracias!

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