shaun and heidi | santa barbara newlywed photography

Helllooooo Santa Barbara, California! Why didn’t anyone tell me about this quaint, gorgeous little town?? I spent a few days in SB for the NAPCP photography retreat. It was a wonderful week of learning, delicious food, inspiration, and new and old friends. Speaking of friends…Shaun and Heidi! I’ve known Heidi (Heidi Hope Photography) for a few years now and am a little put out she doesn’t live right around the corner from me. Seeing her once a year or every few years just isn’t enough. BUT! I was able to finally meet Shaun this year! POWER FREAKING COUPLE. We headed up to the rooftop of the lovely Canary Hotel to snag the last little bits of light and created some Shaun and Heidi magic. Seriously, I agree. They are so hot.



  1. So beautiful and emotional. I see how much they pour into others. Love this couple that is beautiful from the inside out. Thank you for capturing them so perfectly!

  2. Heidi says:

    Jean. Jean. Jean! Thank you for these. This was truly the highlight of our trip. Not just because Shaun can finally replace his elbow patches profile photos (already done!), but because you captured what can’t adequately be put into words in a blog comment… but I’ll try. They are us. The “us” we were before we began all of this crazy life we’re living and the “us” we are still growing into. It was such a gift to pause and remember that. To celebrate it. I look at these and see our whole story written in each of the details. I can’t’ wait to hang them in our home and be reminded. <3 I'm not sure I can stop thanking you. <3 xo

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