Smokin Hot

Seriously…she is so cute and so hot at the same time! I loved that we had two totally different locations to shoot at…we got the best of two worlds…edgy and wild vs beautiful and innocent. What a doll…what a great session.

Well girls, enjoy your sneak peak…I know you are excited! Oh, I should include dad too…he was wonderful to have along (and he even carried my two ton bag).



  1. jen says:

    these are smokin hot! great job. can’t pic a fav.. love them all.

  2. Lisa says:

    I haven’t stopped looking at them. You truley captured her. I look at her in these photos as if I know what she’s thinking…True innocents of a very special young lady. I LOVE them and so does Sofia. Thank you – We finally did it!

  3. Jennifer says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous, and I just love the style and location of these! #1 and the last shot are my favs! Awesome session here!

  4. Slater family says:

    I don’t think one ugly person exists over where you’re living! 🙂 Every person on here is just gorgeous. Great job once again Jean! You’re doing awesome.

  5. Heather says:

    Wowsers!!! You seriously rocked this session! She will be soooo happy with these!

  6. karyn says:

    my jaw just dropped at how grown up Soph is! Beautiful pics, perfect capture of her personality. Great job… I bet shes thrilled!

  7. Jennifer U. says:

    These are sooo great! My 2 faves are 3 and 7! Once again you are amazing!

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