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That window…that glorious little nook of light on the upstairs floor has turned into a tradition for our photos. Newborn…six months…and now a year.  I imagine little brother coming later this year will have his place in the nook as well.  Or, maybe we’ll start a new tradition…with that fabulous black and white damask bed…

it’s kind of tradition

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Be prepared as I word vomit all over my blog with personal feelings and sentiments. I find myself sitting here at the beginning of a new year with many goals and aspirations. Some old. Some new. And SOME that need immediate attention. That SOME I am referring to is BALANCE…finding that ever desired balance in […]

2011 schedule

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I strongly feel that using props/accessories or themes that describe a family or individual are the best (and most fun) way to bring out personalities and relationships. These images make me so happy…just to see the love and fun between the family members. Dang it, I want pictures of my family preparing baked goods!

baked goods

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Another rainy day in Michigan.  Another family rocking it out inside.  Go ahead rain, do your thing…we don’t need the outdoors to have fun.

rainy day

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