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I am alive and kicking…contrary to what my quiet blog may lead you to believe.  I have been in and out of town for the last three weeks and have now sufficiently been blessed with lots of rest and relaxation, my wonderful family, and amazing friends. Back in the real world, I am a bit […]

i’m alive

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SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to shoot their wedding in August.  These two are beautiful and amazing.  Nuff said. They rock. Thanks to the Chocolate Bar Cafe in Grosse Point Woods for letting us use their ADORABLE shop. And moving on to the Hunt Club where Lucy the horse made her modeling debut. And last, many thanks to […]

michael and ann marie | grosse pointe woods engagement

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Regret is one thing I never want to have.  Especially when it comes to my family.  I vowed to never be that person that looked back and wished I would have spent more time with my children…more time with my husband…more time laughing and enjoying life.  When I stepped into their home last week, my […]


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